FSS Software features-Software includes:

  • Patient information and demographics
  • Assault Details
    Mark details of the sexual acts with easy, click as you go features, or use our FSS Shorthand method.
  • Exam Details
    Vital signs, medical history, assault details, medications and treatments.
  • Procedures
    Track all procedures performed, note results, make comments using a checklist to insure consistency with your SANE team
  • Perpetrators
    Manage multiple assailants for each case
  • Evidence
    Track details of all items collected and proper chain of custody.
  • Body/Genital Injuries
    Graphically select wounds and enter details related to injuries to victim.
  • Narratives
    Free form area to enter unlimited comments related to your patient and save time by using FSS™ Shorthand.
    Spellcheck is available in all text areas.
  • Discharge
    Upon request can customize your discharge instructions.
  • Charting
    FSS™ will produce your chart pages, including gender specific diagrams. These charts can be printed or stored electronically as PDF's.
  • Adult and Pediatric
    Charting is specific for both adult and pediatric patients.
  • Report Builder
    Can keep track of any area your program wants to monitor.
  • Peer Review
    Built in feature to encrypt reports in order to do Peer Reviews and presentations.
  • Other Uses
    FSS™ Software can be utilized in any healthcare setting to help assist in improving the care and documentation for sexual assault patients.
    This includes emergency departments, outpatient facilities, child advocacy centers etc...